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Be A Rebel


Tiny Dancers

Ages 2-3

This program explores counting, colours, balance and creative play, all while learning the foundations of dance. Laugh and learn in this really fun experience for your toddler.


Intro to Dance

Ages 3.5-5

This class is made up of a variety of genres. Exposing your children to the foundations of Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop and Acro, allowing them to try lots of different things and discover what they fall in love with.



Classes available for ages 4+

RDC offers ballet classes for ages 4 and up.  We focus on strong foundations, using proper terminology, promoting body awareness and building technique. Ballet provides strength, balance, coordination and discipline to any dancer. Ballet classes at RDC are always fun and engaging



Classes available for ages 4+

Hip hop classes at RDC are high energy, and focus on developing rhythm and style in a variety of steps. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own personality to every movement.



Classes available for ages 4+

Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with current forms of popular dance styles. Jazz classes can include Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and Commercial Jazz components. Dancers learn balance, technique, coordination and body awareness.



Classes available for ages 3+

Our acro program is certified through Acrobatic Arts and teaches through safe progressions of skills. Acro combines gymnastics and dance in an artistic way using strength, flexibility and balance to achieve a seamless integration of acrobatic movements into dance routines. Dancers will learn tumbling, including cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, handsprings as well as a variety of balances.



Class by Approval only

Tumbling is only available to advanced acro students who are ready for the skills we prepare for and work on in this class. Primary focus is on handsprings, modified cartwheels and aerials, this class requires approval to register.


Acro Conditioning

Available to acro dancers 8+

This conditioning class allows acro dancers to get an extra class in every week, this class focuses on strength, cardio, and conditioning specific to the needs of acro dancers.



Classes available for ages 8+

Contemporary dance encourages dancers to be versatile, and teaches them to portray many styles and emotions. Focusing on use of body weight, connection, floor work, leaps, turns, creativity and safe body alignment



Classes available for ages 7+

Lyrical is an expressive genre of dance that focuses on control and texture in movement. Heavily focused on ballet technique and interpreting the lyrics in music to tell a story through dance


Hoop/Circus Arts Class

Classes available for ages 6+

A fun unique class that encourages kids to run off to the just kidding, but it does encourage kids to find their own flow/style of movement. Learn to manipulate different hoops and other flow props including ones with LEDs. Creating different combinations of tricks and illusions that will wow any audience. The possibilites are endless! Have no fear ...we all belong here!

Tap Dance Class


Classes available for ages 5+

Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Training technique in Classical as well as Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building stability, coordination and speed in movements.


Musical Theatre

Classes available for ages 7+

Musical theatre is a perfect mashup of singing, and dancing. Think of your favourite Disney movie, or Broadway show, these classes are filled with character development, singing, lip synching and dancing to tell a story and look good doing it.

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