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Rebel Faculty


Morgan Hazelwood

Owner/Artistic Director/Instructor

Morgan Hazelwood started her dance journey at age 3 and began competing at age 8 with the No Limits Dance Company in Peterborough, Ontario under Joanne Agar.

She has danced and taught with some incredible studios, including Premiere Studio of Dance, A Frost Dance Experience, The Academy of Dance, Inside Out, and Maracle Center for the Arts. She began teaching at age 13, and never looked back. Performing with the St. James Players, and Theatre Guild on a few occasions, dancing as a backup dancer for Toronto based impersonation acts, guest instructing the dance program with Lakefield College, and performing in various shows and parades, it was no surprise that dance had a permanent spot in her life, and she was just getting started. 

Morgan joined the military in 2014, and shortly after her training, she was relocated to Cold Lake AB. Where, yes, she found a studio and began teaching again. Pirouette School of Dance was her home for 5 years. Working there was an incredible opportunity to experience the difference between Ontario programs and Alberta programs, as well as work alongside some really inspirational faculty. Then, the military spoke again and she was relocated back to Trenton, ON. 

Moving looked different this time. As hard as it is for a child to move around place to place, dance teachers bond with their students and it was becoming more and more difficult to imagine starting over another time at another studio. With 23 years teaching experience and 33 years dancing it was time she followed her heart and in 2019 Rebel Dance Company was born. 

Morgan has been Acrobatic Arts qualified since 2012, has studied RAD ballet and BATD ballet, jazz, and tap. She completed her specialty aerial and back handspring training and completed her Acro Adjudicator Certification. Miss Morgan is certified in Acro and Jazz with Artistic Dance Educators and is currently working through certifications with Acro Dance Teachers Association and MuvMethod. Over the many years of dancing, she has done and taught so many genres of dance including, ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and of course acrobatics :) Morgan has been hired as a guest choreographer in Ontario and Alberta for various competitive routines, and has been the mentor to many dancers who have gone on to perform, become educators, and scientists to name a few. Always in pursuit of learning, attending conventions and expos to continue growing as a dance educator.

She believes in smart dancers, teaching why something works or doesn’t work and making sure they are body aware to encourage injury prevention. Her favorite part of being a teacher is being in the wings and knowing that the dancers onstage can count on her to be there, no matter what happens onstage that she will be there when they come offstage. 

All 3 of her children dance with Rebel Dance Company and her fiancé Mat, has been a carpenter, a handyman, a parade driver, and a supportive dance dad throughout this busy time in their lives.


Deejay Dassylva

Instructor/Assistant Director

Ms Deejay aka Electric Hoopster, quickly found a home with RDC when we opened in the fall of 2019. She is always smiling, the dancers adore her and are always blown away at her talent. We are lucky to have her and excited for Season 5 ! 

Ms. Deejay started learning ballet, jazz and tap at 5 years old. Her love of dance continued to grow throughout her years of school, but it wasn’t until 2010 when she was given her first Hula Hoop. With no classes or other hoopers locally Ms. Deejay ended up teaching herself and ‘Electric Hoopster’ became reality. At this time, Deejay was working with the Quinte West Y.M.C.A. where she taught kids dance and ran all other kinds of kids classes/camps.

In 2011 she moved to Hastings and got a part time job Hula Hooping on stage with DJs, about a month later Deejay found “Peterborough Circus Arts Group” A bunch of people who not only hula hooped but were artists with all kinds of other circus flow toys. She had finally found a place to fit in! They showed her all the fun the circus arts had to offer including introducing her to LED light and fire spinning! Ms. Deejay and five other members from the circus arts group worked very hard to create a new circus show from scratch with props and fire. The show was such a huge hit that they started getting asked to perform all over Peterborough…. It was then the Performance troupe ‘The Pyroflys’ were born. 

Deejay spent the next few years training, traveling, teaching, and performing all over Ontario with The Pyroflys. From birthdays and weddings to corporate and charity events, they did it all and made everyone smile. Near the end of 2013 Ms. Deejay decided to move back to the Quinte Area to be closer to her family. She took different jobs teaching hoop classes, assisting in other genres of dance classes, and even began booking performances locally as Electric Hoopster. 

By developing her own hoop training syllabus, her classes take students through the learning, knowing and mastering the progressions of easier skills to the more difficult ones. Ms. Deejay has now been Hula Hooping for over 10 years! You may have seen her performing all over the Quinte and P.E.C. areas at all kinds of events and parades. She was even featured with her fire hooping in the Cold Creek County - Our Town Music Video. 

Continued learning is so important and Deejay has also continued to take training and classes from some of the best hiphop instructors to expand her love, creativity and style. Attending conventions and Expos to continue exploring more of what the dance world has to offer, attending workshops for exceptional children development, which is very important to her and RDCs inclusive mission statement. 

Deejay has been a Rebel since RDC was born and we couldn't be more excited to keep growing and see where this crazy road takes us.


Megan Sfatcos

Instructor- Tap/Ballet/Tech

Miss Megan has been a dance enthusiast since the young age of 3. From her early years, she immersed herself in various dance forms, including jazz, tap, ballet, and acro. At just 5 years old, Megan's dedication led her to join her studio's competitive team. 
Though she trained extensively in multiple genres, ballet captured Megan's heart. Her journey took her to prestigious institutions including The National Ballet of Canada and The Cadence School of Ballet. Notably, she performed with the Jorgen Ballet Company in their rendition of The Nutcracker and honed her skills with Broadway Disney, gracing the stage at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida.
At 13, Megan discovered her passion for teaching while assisting dance classes, igniting a new path in her dance journey. With her teaching and assisting experience, Megan channels her love for dance into nurturing the next generation of dancers.
Driven by her unwavering passion, Megan aspires to evolve into a respected and renowned dance instructor, continuously seeking growth and learning opportunities along her inspiring journey.

Image by David Hofmann

Sophia Jonczyk

Instructor - Tap/Technique/Ballet/Jazz

Miss Sophia started her experience with dance when she was just three years old, beginning with ballet and tap. She lived in England for five years where she continued these two styles as well as doing competitive Irish dancing. Following this she moved to Alberta where she did Hip Hop with Miss Morgan for a year, in addition to a huge range of other styles including lyrical, ballet, pointe, contemporary, jazz ext. both recreationally and competitively until she was 16. 

During her time in Alberta, she spent two years assisting other dance teachers with their competitive classes. She has a diverse experience working with children, including camp counselling, and volunteering with daycares. Miss Sophia also has experience with musical theatre as she performed in four theatre productions where she took lead roles in three.  She is currently working a costumer service job and is planning on going to university for education in the next couple years.  Sophia has always been great with kids and has had a passion for teaching them, which she plans to pursue. She is a kind, warm hearted girl, who would love to help these dancers grow in their dance career, but to also be a positive role model for them, as her previous dance teachers have been for her. 

Sophia would love to continue dancing recreationally as it was such a big part of her life for so long and she believes there is still always room to learn!!!


Kareem Byfield

Instructor- Tap and Tech

Definitely not a stranger to the industry, Kareem Byfield started from humble beginnings in the city of Mississauga & has worked with mentors from Toronto & to New York. Byfield has also had the opportunity to judge across Canada & compete/ perform in Germany.
With a career that spans over 30 years, Byfield is fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with musicians & dancers of all ages for music videos & various events & functions.
Now, the proud owner of Chemistry Dance Competition, Byfield is looking forward to expanding the horizons of dance in all communities and provide more opportunities in dance for all genders & races involved.


Andrea Frost

Instructor- Tech

Miss Frost brings with her a lifelong love of dance, a wealth of education, and over 30 years dance experience.  She is accredited with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ryerson University, is trained in RAD ballet and holds her Advance One Certificate with the Royal Academy of Dance.  She continues her dance education by attending workshops and teacher courses and has obtained her Module One Acrobatic Arts Teacher certification. She is also working on her membership with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing.

Miss Frost began her dance career at seven under the direction of Joanne Agar at the Academy of Dance. She was a founding member of the dance company Integrated Dance Arts Collective and has performed throughout Canada. She has been lucky enough to work under the instruction of many of her idols in the dance world: Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Stacey Tookey, Dave Scott, and more. Miss Frost’s learnings from these choreographers can be seen through her own choreography and styles of dance.  Her choreography has won numerous awards including Overall Awards, Judges’ Choice, and Special Awards.

Miss Frost loves teaching and brings warmth, kindness and a personal touch to each class.  Her passion for dance is evident in every aspect of her teaching.  She hopes to foster growth, nurture students’ own love of dance, and inspire their imaginations.



Madilyn Reid

Instructor- Ballet/Tech

Madilyn started dance when she was 3 years old at Inside out Dance Academy in Belleville. Ballet and tap were her first introductions into the dance world. Madilyn continued from there learning new styles in jazz, acro, musical theatre, and lyrical. When she was 12, she joined the Quinte Ballet School of Canada where she primarily trained in ballet, modern, and pointe work. After 6 years of ballet training Madilyn graduated and moved onto university. She has experience teaching young dancers, as well as coordinating a 3 week long summer dance intensive for QBSC. She hopes to continue to spread her love for dance to many other young dancers and inspire them to keep chasing their passions.

Faculty: Dance Instructors
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