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Rebel Tryouts Season 6!


June 11th and 17th, 2024

Rebel Dance Co. 

Ages 4-6 (5-6pm)

Ages 7-10 (615-715pm)

Ages 11+ (730-845pm)

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Competitive Dance: Text

Competitive Dance

The Rebels

Competitive dance at RDC is about embracing the team atmosphere. Its about building positive social relationships and empowering our dancers in their every day life. We have a format that encourages our dancers to build lifelong friendships, provides them with quality training from experienced coaches, and gives them a safe environment to find success.

Audition Process

Dancers attend age specific auditions

Parents will fill out a questionnaire

Parent and dancer attend a meeting and interview

Based on the outcome of the process above, RDC will then make team (and solo/duet) offers.

What does a Company dancers weekly schedule look like?

Dancers will have required technique training classes relative to the teams they are selected for. Each team will have a weekly rehearsal (30-45 mins), and a Monthly Company class. Company class is when the whole team comes into the studio to build their team relationships, and rehearse all their routines. They all get to know each other, and cheer for each other.

The season for Competitive dancers begins in August and goes until June. 

What makes Competitive Dance different than Recreational Dance?

1. Commitment - Team dancers have limitations on how many classes they are permitted to miss (including their required recreational classes). They may have extra rehearsals, and additional performing opportunities. Commitment by each family, is paramount to the success of the whole team. Dancers must commit to attending all the competitions, Team Showcase, and do their best to be available for other performances such as Parades and fundraisers.

2. Expense - Competition dance has some expenses that will stand out over the recreational program. Some examples include; more expensive costuming at times ($175-$300), travel expenses for Competitions, hotels, entry fees ($65-$85 per group routine and this amount is higher for duo/trios and solos), a team jacket, performance makeup etc. Competitive dance is expensive, but the experience is second to none.

Depending on level, we will attend 2-4 competitions with at least two requiring an overnight stay due to distance. There will be opportunities for an optional competition sometimes. All dancers in a group must agree to attend for the group to compete, we will not go to an optional competition missing any of our teammates.

3. Attitude - While it is important for all RDC dancers to represent the studio in a positive way, the competitive team (parents included) set an example to all students in the studio, and in the public. Coming into classes and working hard, being respectful, and helping others are a few of the attributes we hope to find and instill in our team dancers.


Solos will be granted at the discretion of the studio director and other faculty of RDC. Selected dancers will be a dancer with at least one year of competitive dance experience, who shows promise in the chosen discipline, has a positive attitude, and is a hard working student. Priority will be given to dancers who train 4+ hours per week. To be offered a solo you must also be on the corresponding team in the same discipline. 

If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message and we will be happy to assist/clarify in anyway we can.

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Intro to Comp Dance

Granite is our introductory competitive dance team program designed for dancers who are new to the competitive scene. This program focuses on building a strong foundation in technique, performance quality, and teamwork. Dancers will learn a routine in a genre of dance, such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip hop. The Granite team will compete at local and regional competitions, gaining valuable experience and confidence on stage. Our experienced instructors will guide and mentor dancers, helping them grow and improve as performers. The Granite program is the perfect stepping stone for dancers looking to develop their skills and transition into our more advanced competitive teams

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